How to create a private folder in Windows to save personal files
How to create a private folder in Windows to save personal files

Create a private folder in Windows: Windows is the most commonly used operating system on PCs and offers many tips and tricks that most users don’t know, such as creating an anonymous folder.

Windows users can hide folders from File Explorer and make the folder and all files in it almost impossible to delete. Users will need nothing more than this combination and encryption method to hide and protect personal files from unauthorized access.

Such a document has no logo or text title, so it cannot be seen if the mouse hovers over it. This folder can be used to store any confidential documents that you do not want other users, especially children, to see or access.

Here is a step-by-step guide to create a private folder in Windows:

Create an unnamed folder

  • Right-click on your Windows PC home screen to create a new folder.
  • Select the New option, and then tap on the Folder option from the menu displayed.
  • Once formed, just right-click on the folder to rename it.
  • Then, enter Alt+0160, which is the Alt-code shortcut for a no-break space.
  • A new unnamed folder will be created.

Removing Folder Logo (to completely hide the folder)

  • Right-click on the newly created unnamed.
  • Go to the Properties option from the menu displayed.
  • Tap on the Customise tab.
  • Then, Click the Change icon option.
  • Select one of the empty icons from the available default four options by moving to the right.


Now you have a private and undetectable folder with no name or logo on your Windows PC. The folder is only visible when you click it, part of the options window, or drop it with the mouse. If you use a folder like this on your desktop, you need to put it in a different place.

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