10 Things You Must Avoid Searching on the Internet to Stay Safe

Avoid Searching these things on the Internet to Stay Safe – The Internet is full of the knowledge and stuff that one could use to make life easier. It is like a gift to the world from the technology that works for goodness. It acts as a complete solution to our daily life problems and queries. With one single click, we meet with so much knowledge.

10 Things You Must Avoid Searching on the Internet to Stay Safe

Google is one of the largest search engines available on the Internet. Even in some regions people still believe that Google is the internet, but the reality is Google is not the Internet. It is a Search Engine that works under a company called Alphabet.

From looking for good recipes, fashion, life hacks or even driving a car, Google is everywhere to help us out. Now, as technology is in the pocket of people, they depend completely on the internet. This is where we are creating problems for ourselves.

Google is not a content-producing platform, it is just a search engine that showcases the links related to your query. Hence, it is not guaranteed ever by google that the information provided to you is safe for you or not. So, here we are discussing some of the things that you must avoid searching on the internet to stay safe.

Do Not Search for Free Movies or Pirated Films on Internet

Distributing pirated films on the internet is illegal, and downloading a pirated film also comes under crime. Watching Pirated films or downloading the films can put you in danger. As per the Indian Judiciary, one can be kept in jail along with a heavy fine if caught downloading or uploading pirated films on the Internet.

The website distributing the pirated films contains viruses and much more dangerous files. These unhealthy files may be kept stored in your device’s storage and affect your system. This activity may cause harm to your device as well as to you. So, avoid searching for pirated films on the Internet.

Never Ever Search for Customer Care Numbers on the Internet

As I said above people are nowadays surrounded by technology. There are so many products and services that you may be using. Every company builds up customer care centers for troubleshooting customers. Rather than looking for a product or service manual, people start searching for customer care numbers on google.

Avoid searching for customer care numbers

As I told you that Google is a search engine, it will answer you according to your question but it is not necessary that the answer is correct. Whenever you search for any customer care number, without thinking about anything, you consider the number coming at the top to be correct and call. This number can also be of some SCAMMER which can cause you any kind of financial loss later.

Avoid Searching for Benefits and Causes of Medicine

Just to hide the disease people never consult doctors, and rather choose to google about the disease or medicine. Medicine is something that can cure your body or can also infect your body. Always consult a doctor or chemist before taking any medicine.

Never google about the Benefits or causes of medicine. This information is provided to you by a copy-paste blogger and is not certified by any doctor or pharma expert. Hence, just for your good self, it is advised to avoid searching for benefits & causes of medicine on the internet.

Do not Search for Online E-Commerce Sites

Rather than going out shopping people are attracted to the designs and purchase the items from any untrusted scammed website. These websites allow you to prepay for the product. You pay them the money and then they give you a random date for the delivery of your product.

Now, what’s your loss in all this process, first the product will never come to your doorstep. The scammer takes all your money in return for nothing. Second, you give all the data to that unauthorized website like your Name, Phone Number, Address, etc. This may cause a threat to your privacy etc.

Hence, stay away from these scam websites that attract people by advertising their products on social media.

Don’t Search for Beauty Tips, Skin Care, or Hair Care

Beauty Tips and Health tips are some of the vital queries that people search on the Internet. To be frank, these are some of the things that directly affect your body. Hence, you don’t have to depend on the internet.

Whenever it’s about your health always consult a doctor. The Internet is full of stupid tips which are not authorized or written as per your skin value. Hence, avoid searching for all these things on the Internet.

Avoid Searching for Free Mobile Applications

Free Mobile Applications are one of the greatest threats to your mobile phone. People search for cracked or nulled mobile applications just to enjoy the full functionality. But the truth is these apps come with heavy viruses that may affect your device.

Mobile Applications are something that make your tech life easy. Hence, always download apps from a trusted platform. Avoid searching for nulled or cracked apps to stay safe on the Internet.

Avoid Entering Credit Card Details on the Internet

Avoid searching online

Well, as per the new law of the Indian Government, e-commerce websites are now no longer saving your card details. Still, just for your own safety, never ever save or enter your credit card details on any unauthorized e-commerce website. Credit Cards are very much sensible in use, sometimes to make a small transaction credit cards do not ask for any OTP or authentication.

Hence, avoid entering or saving your card details online.

Avoid Uploading Pictures on Internet

When I am telling you about avoiding uploading pictures on the Internet, that means it didn’t include social media. Social Media has different policies for its users. Am here talking about some of the websites like conversations from jpg to png, resize image etc.

These websites may store your data and use it for themselves. These sites generally pop-up visitors to “Allow Cookies” once you allow them, and your internet activity will be tracked by them. Although using someone else’s identity on the internet is an offense, one could be behind bars for that. But, just to be safer, stay away from uploading pictures on the Internet.

Do not Search for Free Stock Futures and Predictions

The Stock Market is something that depends on the working of different companies and Government schemes. Hence, when you invest your money in stocks invest with the complete thinking and strategies. Do not google for stock predictions and futures before investing your hard earned money. Because these predictions are not guaranteed and your money may go down and give you a huge loss.

You are advised to avoid searching on google about stock futures and predictions. Financial advisors are available and you may consult one before investing in stocks.

Avoid Searching for Patches and Cracking of PC Software

Your computer machine is working on software. First, do not install unnecessary software on your computer device. People are looking for patches and cracks of that software on the Internet. These cracks and patches contain nulled scripts and functions that may give you an advantage, but they are harming your device without your knowledge.

Sometimes people look for free PC antivirus and PC tuners. This software is keeping your computer healthy. Hence Avoid Searching for the patched or cracked version. Purchase the Original one and keep your device healthy.

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